VUFILE: View Contents of Line File

Author: Syd Hall, Crystallography Centre, University of Western Australia, Nedlands 6009, Australia

VUFILE prints the contents of any XTAL line file.

Output Controls

VUFILE prints the contents of any of the line files generated in the XTAL system. Two examples of this are the punch file (PCH) which is written to by many XTAL programs, or the output files from CIFIO (ARC or CIF). These files can, of course, be listed independently of the XTAL system but it is often convenient to include a copy of their contents in the standard XTAL listing. Note that any calculation that outputs to the punch file after VUFILE has been used to read it will overwrite prior contents.

VUFILE has two controls. file specifies the extension of the file to be printed. ntit prevents the header or title information being inserted into the listing.



Print the contents of the punch file .

VUFILE file cif ntit

Print the contents of the CIF file with no XTAL titles or headers.